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Zingibar Officianalis

subtly spicy

6 March
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Sleepily, slightly grudgingly, I'm entering the computer age. It's becoming more and more comfortable to use this as a means of communication. In a way, I'm finding links between people that I didn't know existed, or didn't know knew each other.
Fear not. I'm still considering tattooing a clog on my ankle for it's connection with the Luddites, and it's spawning of the word 'sabotage', clogs being 'sabot' in Dutch. While direct action is not my general means, symbolic action makes loads of sense.
Not yet burnt out on kitchen work, my next employ will be as a baker. My dreamful employ is to play music all the time, and to support at least the basic human-survival needs with it. Who knows, though. Pittsburgh seems to breed many more alcoholics than it does musicians.